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Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by Garrett Lundy, Apr 30, 2006.

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    The wife and I plan on getting out of the apartment life and building our first house. Since we're starting 'clean slate', I was wondering if anybody had any hard & fast rules for the proper room dimensions.

    Room 1: rectangular Living room/HT. One row of seating against the back wall (a couch). I'm planning on a 5.1 system (space is limited and I don't think the better half wants to decorate around six feet of void behind the couch) with a recessed "TV enclove" for puting the SDTV, and a motorized drop-down projection screen for movie night. (a front projector mounted on the rear wall above the couch shouldn't cause any problems).
    What are good minimum dimension for a 5.1 setup? (lets say the SD TV will be 32", and will be replaced with a 50-60" HDTV when HDTV becomes the norm) I think 80-90" for the FP screen should be big enough.

    Room 2: basement 2-channel room. This room will be in the basement (we're shooting for a small energy efficient upstairs), and doesn't need any WAF. one seat, two speakers. Since I don't plan on winning the lotto anytime soon, I shouldn't need enough room to give a pair of AvantGarde' trios breathing room, but big enough to get the full benefit from some full range towers.
    Since I know less about 2-channel acoustics than I do about surround acoustics, I don't even know what shape the room should be (rectangle, square, trapezoid?), and since it'll be underground, I'm probably limited to 8 feet of ceiling max.

    Like I said, nothing is set in stone yet (concerning the finished structure), so any advice would be appreciated.
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