Need questions answered new to this maybe someone can point me in the right direction

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    Ok I'm new to the whole high end stereo world. I'm used to box systems but I'm moving to anew house and want something better. Here's what I would like and maybe someone can tell me if it's possible. I want to have at least 4-5 rooms in my home wired to a main reciever. 1 has to be a full surround system for living room then the rest just standard sound speakers for bedroom bathroom patio ect. I would like to be able to connect it to wifi or Ethernet cable and be able to control where the sound goes from my iPhone. I would also like to be able to play and control the music on my phone without having to connect it directly to the unit. Is this possible?
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    Welcome to the HTF, Ben. This isn't high end stereo. Yes, I know it is relative but that's like saying your Honda Civic is a high end sports car. There are stereos that cost more than a house.
    I suggest a receiver to control the surround sound system in one room and a whole house audio system for the remaining rooms. Normally a receiver only has a 2nd zone so it would be difficult to adapt one zone to 4 or 5 rooms.
    Depending on what you pick as your hardware, you can get the appropriate app to control it. Harmony makes an app that is a generic remote. But Sonos has a whole house audio system -
    This may not be possible. First, you would need to be close to a bluetooth connection for your phone's music to play. With Sonos, your music is on a server in your house instead of your phone. On the other hand, if you are using low bit rate music, it may not sound good. A friend of mine used his iPhone for DJ gigs and it sounded horrible. He went out and bought all new equipment before asking me. His new system still sounded terrible. We picked a song that both of us had and gave him an A/B/C comparison between his phone, a 320kbps WMA file and a CD. He was amazed at the difference between his phone and a quality compressed music file. CDs were a little better then the WMA file.

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