Need Projector suggestions for a church youth group

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Grady Hollums, Mar 19, 2002.

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    Well, I know if I can go anywhere and get the greatest number of suggestions it would be here! Thanks for all your help!

    My local church's youth group just purchased a new DVD drive notebook computer. They want to buy a projector to use for PowerPoint slides (words for the music) and for playing DVD movies as illustrations. We need a projector that will work in a medium sized room (25ft. X 50ft est.) that does have three windows (But I think I can black those out) I am not sure what brands we should be looking for or even what specs to look for (i.e. # of lumens, etc...)

    Price is a factor as well too.

    The room that it will most likely be used in is the one mentioned above, but may be used in the sanctuary that is very large and has several windows (but they are stained glass and darkened a little)

    The price range that I have been given by the local experts is $3,500 but anything less would be great! We are working with donated money and we do not want to waist any of it.

    Thank you all so much for your help and assistance. It is all greatly appreciated!
  2. David Broome

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    I'm certainly not an expert, and this isn't as much help as you might need, but I interpreted your message to mean the pj might need to be moveable. Just a fair warning that CRT projectors are HEAVY! You would have to get a hefty cart to move it around on if you went CRT.

    You may want to ask over at the AVS forums, as their pj forums are very active as well...
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    I've seen several local churches that use PJs for this purpose (and my wifes campus ministry does as well) and its important to get high lumens. What size screen will you be projecting on in the sanctuary/other room?

    CRTs will probably be too dark, and DLP will be too expensive. I'd look for LCD projectors that have more than 1500 lumens (2000 would be ideal) and a zoom lens so that you can size the image to fit the screen.

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