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Discussion in 'Displays' started by BrianRS, Jan 30, 2005.

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    Jun 18, 2001
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    I think I'm going to have to jump on these new deals for the Infocus 4805 and 76" screen, but need a little advice first.

    1. My primary seating will be approximately 12' from the screen. I will probably start with the free 76" screen, but how large do you think I could go at that distance?

    2. Does the projector have to be ceiling mounted? I have an air duct that drops down about 12" from the ceiling about 10' back from the screen wall. Assuming the projector's throw distance would be more than 10', I would have to drop it down at least 12"-14" to clear the duct. Or could I just set the projector on my bar which is behind the primary seating area?

    3. I've never actually seen an in-home projector set up so I'm a little nervous about making the switch. Right now I have a 57" Toshiba with HD directv and DVD's on the Zenith dvb318. I love what I have, but would like the larger picture and am having a hard time resisting all the raving reviews and current deals. Any lst words of advice?

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    We recently bought the 4805/76" deal. Your arrangement is almost identical to ours, and I can tell you that I have to zoom the lens out from the smallest setting about a quarter turn to fill the screen (at almost exactly 12' distance), so you've got some room to maneuver there. If you want to get a bigger screen that should be no problem at all -- we're considering upgrading to a 92" (16x9) screen.

    Our projector sits on a little cart between our recliners, about 3' off the ground. It's throwing upward at a slight angle -- the screen starts at almost exactly 4' off the ground -- but it looks fine even without using the keystone adjustment (but there is a slight taper on the sides which has me thinking about getting a taller cart).

    Make sure you get a component video cable. I elected for one in about the hundred-dollar range (25' length) rather than the super-expensive ones, and it looks great.

    One last bit of advice (since you asked) -- if you have a cheap DVD player you'll want to leave the 4805 in 480i mode, because it's deinterlacer is better than the one in your DVD player. I learned about this the hard way, and futzed around for at least a week before I got my fingers back here to ask about it. I imagine an expensive DVD player may be a different story, but you'll see what I mean almost instantly if you have a cheap one.

    Good luck!
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    The Infocus 4805 is very lightweight and portable. I project in my living room at 100" on a flat white wall using 12' component cable. It rests on a coffee table. I find it looks better projected at 100" rather then smaller. Compared to a $5,000 Epson Projector being projected on a Stewart Luxus Screenwall GreyHawk 100" ($1700) at the Hi Fi place it looked just as good.

    When I want to use it in my bedroom I plug in the 30' SVHS and watch tv or DVDs. It projects on the 76" screen I pull down in front of a 76" window, you would think it was customer made. Even at this short distance it looks fantastic. The 76" screen is a bright white, would have been better if it was slightly grey.

    I couldn't be happier with my first front projector. The blacks are black yet detailed, the skin colors are natural looking and everything is very rich in color.

    Overall I give it a A+, particularly considering the price.

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