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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by EarleD, Apr 24, 2003.

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    I just bought a pair of Klipsch KG 5.2's. I now have 5.2's as my mains and surrounds and 4.2's as center surrounds. My center is a KG 2.2v.

    The preamp is a Rotel 1055, with a Rotel 985mkII and a RB 1070 powering the speakers. Subs are 2 SVS 20-39's and a 25-31PCi.

    The Rotel 1055 allows the subs to crossed over at 40hz, 60hz, and 80hz. It does go higher but I have no need of the higher frequencies.

    I currently have the speakers set to small with a 40hz xover. With this setting nearly all room mode issues are gone. The problem is the KG 2.2 is not capable of playing down to 40hz. The other speakers have no problem going down to 40hz in my room. I wish the Rotel had the Outlaw or HK triple crossover.

    I have been thinking of setting all spekers to large except the center. I could then HP the center at 60 or 80hz. This would solve the center channels problem, but the rest of the speakers cant go much lower than 40hz with any volume. I was using 60hz as a HP xover before I got the 5.2's as surrounds, but then I have a few bass issues(peaks and valleys). This worked out ok for HT but for music I really prefer the 40hz setting.

    Anyone have any thoughts. I have a BFD and am pretty good at using it, but I would really like to get rid of any extra wires and adapters in my system. They can only add noise.

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    Here is a great read on just this subject. I now cross all my speakers over at 80Hz and have not looked back. There is a lot involved, and these guys seem to have done a great deal of research.

    Obviously, the room mode issues will need to be dealt with via the BFD, but the article makes a lot of sense.


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