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Need new AVR with 4K HDMI switching for existing 5.1 speaker configuration. (1 Viewer)

Dick White

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Dec 29, 1998
I'm (not so) slowly reaching elderly status and I'm not as discriminating as I once was when it comes to audio. But I do want decent surround sound. I have evolved into an environment where I no longer have component video and have 6 devices attached to HDMI inputs on my 70 inch 4K Vizio smart TV. Two of them (probably soon three) share the sole 4K input via a manual HDMI switch. I am still using a Denon AVR-1082, which has no HDMI switching, but the only device connected to it is my seldom-used UHD Blu-ray player using optical audio. I cut the cord with DirecTV last year and most of my content is either streamed or OTA via antenna.

What all this means is that most of my audio is using the TV speakers. I have been looking at HDMI-switching replacements for the Denon for quite some time and it's time for the procrastination to end. I am happy with my 5.1 speaker setup and I don't need 7.2 and beyond, but I have considered some 7.2 AVRs because of the better specs they tend to have. The biggest problem with most of the 5.1/5.2 systems I looked at over time was that they didn't have enough HDMI inputs. I was considering settling for a really cheap solution like the Denon AVR-S540BT with its 5 inputs until I came across the newer S660H (5.2) and S760H (7.2) with 6 inputs each and much richer feature sets. The S760H has only a few additional capabilities, but I have considered it for only $100 more, even though I would still use just the 5.1 speaker set.

I haven't really been keeping up with A/V technology in recent years and have become an infrequent user of HTF, but I thought I would come here for suggestions before I buy something. This doesn't seem to be a good time to buy, but I really want to get on with better sound. So I'm looking for something that is available and doesn't cost a fortune. I know most of you have moved on beyond 5.1, but any suggestions would be appreciated.

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