Need major help on room layout and furniture choices

Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by Evan Mann, Feb 21, 2004.

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    This is my living room, where my fiance and our spend much of our evenings and weekends. We are in the process of trying to get new furniture but our choices will be effected by HT layout and room layout. So here's what I got:

    Total room dimension is 13.3' wide and 16.8' long

    Second, a picture to visualize the room in current form.


    We still havn't painted, but it will be a blue/gray room and the trim all painted white, inclduing bookcases. Probably won't touch the fireplace.

    The current layout described: On the right side wall is a sleeper sofa (full size). In the back left corner infront of the built in bookcase is the subwoofer for my HT and the TV/HT Components. 3 speakers on top of the TV, and one in the back right bookcase, one on the coffee table by the open doorway to hall on the front right side of room.

    The coffee table in the middle of the room is the only furniture that HAS to stay (going to get refinished, FYI). The recliner and sofa will be moved to be replaced with new furniture. A new TV Stand/HT rack will be purchased.

    I'm looking for input on 2 decisions, all which effect how the room lays out and what is purchased

    1) How to layout for TV/HT compoenents - I can go front projection, rear projection, plasma, or a bigger CRT. I'm undecided. If I do front projection, I would probably also have a rear projection, plasma, or CRT as well, because if we want to open the sliding door window on the weekend, it would wash out a front projection screen. NOTE: When the blinds are closed, the room stays very door. The patio overhang filters out direct sunlight.

    2) Couch(es)/Recliner(ers) - Undecided on what will work best here. I was looking at a sectional sofa (L shaped) but I don't think it's going to fit very well. Fiance wants a chase, and I want something that also reclines, in addition to a new sofa. So we can get separate pieces as well. But laying them out in the room, in conjunction with good TV viewing is a must. We spend majority of our evenings in this room.
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    How about a Plasma mounted above the fireplace (saw this on This Old House, although Norm built it into the over-mantle). Components in the bookshelves?

    New couch on the back wall opposite the fireplace, with two reclining chairs further up pointing towards the fireplace.

    Surrounds wall mounted, and the center mounted above the fireplace.

    Paste a picture of a plasma on your room photo to see how you like it.

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    This really isn't an answer to the original question, but more of a 'I have this same sized room, what do i do?!'

    My wife and I are moving into a bi-level in June. The lower level contains the room which I would like to turn into my HT room. Room is very similar in size and shape to the above picture (minus the sliding glass door). Esentially it is a room that is longer than it is wide with a fireplace at one end.

    Any suggetions on TV/speaker placement. I've been looking at rear projection tvs, but the thought of a plasma above the fireplace may work...

    At any rate, any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Surely someone out there has had this dilema!

    Thanks much,

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