Need input on A/V Receivers

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    Looking at buying a new A/V receiver, need 100W per channel min. and the usual bells and whistles of a $1,500 plus unit. Was considering the Denon 4802 but think it may be overkill. Now considering the Denon 3802, Yamaha RV3000 and Pioneer Elite VSX-36TX. The main purpose of this unit will be in connection with watching movies. I have a entirely separate system for hi-fi. I'm using the Pioneer 38A DVD progressive scan player. Any help will be appreciated.
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    If you were going to be listening to music also I would have recommended the upcoming Marantz SR8200. I have the SR7200 and it absolutely rocks for HT and Music. I would say go with the Denon, they perform excellent for HT. The 3802 has plenty of features. Probably most of the "Bell's and Whistles" you are looking for. Yamaha and Pioneer both make good receivers but I would give the edge to the Denon for HT. Hope that helps.

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