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need input on a low cost sub... (1 Viewer)

john seitz

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Apr 1, 2004
I just started - well actually just about finished on my home theatre room update... my last piece of the puzzle is a decent "middle of the road" sub woofer. Since I have a couple hundred extra dollars from Cirecuit City and Amazon I'd like to buy from them - these are my choices

* DefTech ProSub 800 from Amazon which is a great size - I did want a 10" driver BUT the other DefTechs speakers I just bought sound great. Besides being the top of my price band I also wanted a bottom firing design or one with no cloth grille as well I have a few cats that like to scratch

* Boston Acoustic HPS 10SE - which Circuit City has on sale right and would cost me almost nothing just tax. Has a ten inch driver but is front firing (see above). My biggest issue is how well do these BA's work (it looks and feels cheaper then their older lines... maybe its just me)

* Polk PSW 125 - which houses a 12" and an all metal grille - priced inbetween the others. from the specs it doesn't hit very hard BUT in your room it can be different. Also not sure of Polk?

My use is strictly for TV/Movies - my AVR is a decent IMHO an Yamaha RX-V1800 and for my fronts I DefTech Promonitor 800's and a ProCenter 1000; for rears I have some older BOSE 161's

thanks in advance,


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Aug 22, 2000
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I'd use the extra Amazon and CC money for things that you need and then buy a sub from an internet direct company. You will get much better value for your money than any of the subs that you listed.



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Oct 5, 2000
John, you don't actually mention your budget, cabinet size limitations, or room size so it's hard to suggest valid solutions.

Since the DefTech appears to be about $400 I'll make a couple of suggestions based on that. That would put you into an SVS PB-10 or give you the choice of several Elemental Designs models. They'll be bigger than the three subs you've listed, but will give you much better performance. With subs, you're parameters are essentially low, loud, and small...pick 2. The Polk/BA/DefTech are probably picking small and loud (across their bandwidth). The ID companies tend to be biased towards low and loud. :)

Another option to consider. Part's Express has a buy out on a "famous maker" 10" sub for $250. It's designed by Dr. Hsu. Theory is it was built for Atlantic Technology. Some research may show this to be a decent bargain.


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