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Need info on how to sell Electrohome 8500 CRT projection units (1 Viewer)


May 2, 2008
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I’m trying to help a friend sell ten Electrohome 8500 CRT projectors, and we know very little about them. He bought them in bulk a few years ago from the government, but has not followed through with his plans to sell them for profit. They are stored in the back room of a building that he owns and rents to a mechanic. The mechanic wants to expand his operations into that room, and so the projectors must go. I want to find a fare price for them, but keep the price low enough that they will move. I’d like to sell them locally so I don’t take a chance on damaging them with shipping.

I have heard that you can tell by the color of the tubes how much life is left in them, but I don’t know how. I want to hook them up and test each one before I sell it. I went to Radio Shack and Best Buy, but no one knew what I needed. Audio Dimensions said they are BNC connections, but does not know if the red, green and blue connectors can be adapted to a DVD player. Will I need an expensive converter box? Are the CRT units too outdated to fool with? Is there still a market for them? How much will it cost the average person to hook it up and get it running? I want to know how to sell them AND inform whoever buys one exactly what they are getting into.

The government was using them as 50” projection monitors for classroom computers. Currently the complete projector units are housed in the base of giant TV cabinets that are about 6’ tall, 5’ wide and 4’ thick when opened up for usage. The project images up at a 45 degree angle and bounce it off of a mirror to the back of a transparent screen. They close up to just under 3’ wide so they can be rolled through doors. I figure the best way to sell them is to dispose of the cabinets and sell the projectors as home theater units; once out of the cabinets, they are complete Electrohome 8500 projector units that look just like the rebuilt ones I see online for $5100. I have heard that these things go for 3K, but is that a current price? Is $1,500 too cheap to sell them for?

I do not have enough time at work to check the forums very often, and I don’t know if I will get an email from this one when you post, so when you post a reply, please copy it and paste it into an email addressed to my movie production company: [email protected]
Cody G. Carson

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