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Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by Chris:-/OV, Aug 28, 2004.

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    Could someone who is well experieced with using the WinISD program please help explain some of the graphs used when modelling a speaker. Please tell me what the graphs are for and how they should look or how the curves are supposed to look when modelling a sub. The graphs are :
    1.Transfer Function magnitude
    2.Transfer Funtion phase
    3.Maximum Power
    4.Max SPL
    5.Group delay
    and the others found in WinISD

    I Have read the help and Getting Started sections but i need a "dummies guide" on it so that i'll know how to shape my graphs when building my sub. All info will be appreciated because here in South Africa there aren't many people who are interested in DIY building.
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    MR Stupid
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    Jack's right, WinISD Pro is quite a bit nicer.

    When you first start a new project the program will recommend either a sealed or vented alignment. Try starting with the Adire Shiva or Tempest and just look at the default sealed and vented boxes that it gives you. They are generally pretty good alignments. That should give you an idea what the graphs are supposed to look like.

    Then you could try inputting the recommended enclosures for the Shiva/Tempest from the tech papers on ... in fact, take your time reading through the Adire white papers and you'll learn quite a bit.

    If you've still got questions after this, then ask away.

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