need help with toshiba 57hdx82!!!!

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  1. Alex Kim

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    Nov 24, 2002
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    I just bought a 57hdx82 rptv and its driving me nuts. The picture is awesome, and the features are first rate but the problem is that I can't seem to hook it up to my receiver(Denon-2801). The toshiba, for some odd reason does not have S-video out, only in....I was hoping to hook up the tv to the receiver with component cables but since the denon doesn't have component imputs, S-video is my only choice. I want everything going to my receiver as I heard this is the best way. Ive spent the last 3 days trying to hook up my system but to no avail...

    this is what i have done so far......

    1)hooked up my rp82 dvd player to the receiver with optical(toslink) and for video connected it to the tv directly with component cables.

    2.)hooked the xbox to the receiver with A/V cables(don't need quality sound or graphics)

    3.)connected a vcr to the receiver with A/V cables
    4.)dish network going to install 4 receivers including the hdtv receiver tomorrow.

    Now.....because the lack of S-video out how am I supposed to get the vcr, xbox to work? Am I missing something here? I really don't want to use standard A/V cables so SOMEONE please help me out!!!! Thanks for reading this.....
  2. ColinM

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    You don't send the TV's video to the receiver.

    All video sources can be switched via the receiver with minimal distortion. Try it. Use the composite video on the X and VCR. It's no big deal, really.
  3. Bob McElfresh

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    Hi Alex.
    You have a bit of a problem. You are going to have 3 Component devices (and all 3 can provide progressive/HD signals), a TV with 2 component inputs and a receiver that handles none.
    You have to first give up the idea of running everything through the receiver.
    Here is a link to someone that used a Radio Shack switcher to solve his problem with component inputs. You can try this.
    Or you can try this hybred approach:
    - From your Dish HD Receiver, go directly to one of the HD inputs on the TV with Component cables
    - From your DVD player, go directly to the other inputs on your TV with Component cables
    - Run SVideo cables from your XBox, your DVD player and your VCR (buy the $20 Composite-to-SVideo adaptor from Radio Shack) into your receiver, then one SVideo cable to the TV.
    Now you can watch DVD/VCR/XBox by leaving the TV to the SVideo input from the receiver. The receiver handles all of these.
    You MUST flip to one of the Component inputs to see the HD Sat signals.
    You can OPTIONALLY flip to the other Component input for DVD movie watching.
    A universal remote with macro keys is a nice thing to have to make this simple. The One-For-All Cinema 7 is a very nice unit for about $25.
    Hope this helps.

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