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    I just moved a new entertainment unit in my living room and I incorrectly measured the amount of space for side floorstanders, in fact, I have zero space![​IMG]

    I can either use the upper section for a front ported or sealed speaker less than 13" tall or mount it on the ceiling angled down towards the listener. If the speaker utilized a horizontal configuration I have more room to play with hanging on the ceiling. I could also mount them normally with a rear port but only have 12" of room to play with.

    My room is 20' long so the speaker has to play smooth at higher levels, not reference, but clear enough for solid dynamic range. I sit about 11' back.

    I was looking at some of the smaller, but more expensive, M&K speakers. Does anyone have any other speakers that they could recommend? I have heard great reviews on the Ascend Acoustic Monitors.

    I prefer to have a choice of a multipole rear and a solid matching center. I don't think I can go as low as 4 ohms as my receiver is rated at 6 ohms and higher. Bass will be supported by a SVS most likely.

    I was originally interested in the Paradigm System 7. Budget is around $2000 with sub but will work in increments to yield the best sounding system. I will also buy a seperate amp, at least a 2 channel, but not before year-end.


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    How about some B&W bookshelves? I heard some of these a couple of weeks ago and they sounded really good. I think they were only $300 for a pair. I know they make others but I don't know any of their model #'s.

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