Need help with rear surrounds.

Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by t1mberwolf, Apr 1, 2009.

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    Running Polk RTi A7 fronts, CSI A6 Center, FXI A6 side surround but don't know what to use as rear surrounds. Should I use another set of the FXi A6's or use the RTi A3's?
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    For the record, I am also new to the A/V HT world so take my info with a grain.

    Most on this site will tell you "You have to hear the speakers yourself because every ear is different", add to that each persons personal preference with base and loudness of what they are listening to and they are correct. It's up to you to chose the speakers that your ear/preference likes.

    That said, I also read that the front three speakers should be basically the same (Made by the same company, same line). It has to do with the crossing of sound from left to right and vice versa (v/v). You want the sound to be the same from left front, to center, to right front (and v/v).

    Then, your surrounds need to be the same. The surrounds should be placed in pairs. So, the two to your side, should be the same... then, the two to the rear should be the same (Same company/line). BUT, the front set (Of three) the laft and right surround, and the rear surround, do not have to be the same. (This all sounds confusing... maybe this will help).

    Group 1:
    Front right

    Group 2:
    Surround to the left of your seating........Surround to the right of your seating

    Group 3:
    Left rear surround (Behind your seating)...Right rear surround (Behind your eating)

    Group 1 should have all the same type of speakers, but they do not have to match group 2 or 3.

    Group 2 should have the same type of speakers, but do not have to match group 1 or group 3.

    Group 3 should have the same type of speakers but they do not have to match group 1 or group 2.

    All that said, if you are happy with your surround sound speakers that you have now, there should be no issue with getting another set and placing them as your rear.

    The only difference that I can think of is the distance you plan on having the speakers... If they are quite a distance from your seating you may want a speaker that can handle a higher output (I know nothing about ohmes and what not about speaker power, I only know that if you send to much to a speaker that can't handle it... you can blow the speaker). Just be sure to tune your speakers when you install the rears... (Something I am still learning).

    Good luck,

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