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Nov 12, 2006
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Okay I guess I will start by telling what I have. Then I will explain why I need help. Keep in mind that I had a very tight budget LOL.

I started my theater/mans room with.
50' Samsung DLP 1000.00 (ebay)
Jbl n3811 Northridge front speakers 150.00 (pond shop)
MTX 12 powered sub 150.00 (circuit city)
jbl center and surounds 100.00 (ebay)
standard Toshiba progressive scan dvd 40.00 (discount store)
Comcast HD DVR box
Sony low end 5.1 receiver :frowning: 160.00 (circuit city)
xbox free gift
basic computer hooded to dlp set 100.00 (garage sale)
Bluetooth wireless keyboard and mouse 40.00 (ebay)

I just added

Toshiba tdp-t9 projector 699.00 (circuit city)
84' 16X9 motorized screen 180.00 (ebay)
onkyo tx-sr604 receiver 340.00 (circuit city)

So as you can see I have about 3000.00 in a/v equipment so far and I feel that I have spent my money very well so far being on such a tight budget. My main issue now is that since I added the projector and screen witch is set up to drop down in front of the dlp tv when I want to watch a movie. I'm trying to find the cheapest way to switch between my projector and my dlp TV both are connected using component cables. I added the onkyo receiver so I could have component switching abilities. I tried connecting the two monitors using a y-cable but found that it is affecting my picture quality. Any Ideas around this issue would be greatly appreciated

John Brill

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Nov 3, 2003
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I've been in the same boat as you. Basically, finding a receiver with 2 component video out or HDMI out will be very $$$.

My recommendation, get a 2nd DVD player (maybe one with HDMI?) so that each player has a dedicated video display but the audio from both can be routed to your receiver. Sucks, but unless you are willing to use S-Video for your TV or Projector, this will be the cheaper option, and, some would argue, provide a better picture without having the receiver in the loop (receiver won't upgrade the picture, and at best won't downgrade it either).

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