Need help with Polk PSW450 hookup

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    I just purchased a PSW450 sub and upon bringing it home I noticed that there were two options for hooking up RCA cables to it from the LFE output on my Technics SA-DX940 receiver. The sub has the option for a "unfiltered" signal which requires two RCA cables to connect. The other option is the one single RCA cable if the signal is "filtered".

    Seeing as this is my first sub, I don't really know which option to go for. My receiver's manual is not too clear on this other than to say to hookup an RCA cable from the LFE out to the LFE in on the sub. The guy at the store told me to use a Y splitter from the LFE out on my receiver and then connect two RCA cables to the "unfiltered" left & right on the back of the sub.

    If anyone knows which way I should hook things please let me know. Thanks for any advice or comments.

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    the single *filtered* input probably bypasses the subwoofers internal crossover network. This would be used with a Dolby Digital receiver that is already lowpassing the subwoofer signal before it gets to the you don't need to use an additional filter downstream.

    The other pair of inputs are meant for full range linelevel signals. In this case...the subwoofer's internal crossover network will lowpass the signal and make sure the subwoofer only reproduces deep bass.

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    Check out your manual, it should explain it.

    I think "filtered" vs. "unfiltered" refers to the sub itself, not the signal being given to it.

    So, that would mean that when using a regular Dolby Digital receiver's sub out, you'd want to use the Polk's "unfiltered" input.

    But, as TV has pointed out, it seems like the single RCA input would be the one that bypasses the crossover, and the dual-RCA input would be the on that uses the Polk's crossover.

    Check it out.

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