Need Help With Pionner VSX-1015TX Receiver

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Anthony Liz, Aug 8, 2005.

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    Ok, I just bought this VSX-1015TX model from Pioneer and I'm starting to doubt if I made a good purchase. There so many things in the setup that I doubt are right, but maybe you guys can help.

    Here is my hardware:

    Receiver: Pioneer VSX-1015TX
    Speakers: LSI9 Bookshelf / LSIc / FXi3 surrounds
    Subwoofer: Mirage Omni S12

    I guess the first thing I want to mention is the volume. To get an agressive sound from the receiver I have to put the volume between 12 and 15. I believe the volume starts at 75, so to have it at 12 and 15 doesn't seem right. Am I under powered or are my setting incorrect?

    This leads to the MCACC. My setup was done using MCACC, but I'm starting to doubt if its accurate. It always sets my subwoofer at -9db (ranges from -10db to +10db). At that setting I can hardly feel the subwoofer. Is the MCACC not that dependable? Should I go back to the old ways? [​IMG]

    One other thing I just noticed is the subwoofer (on auto) turns off (or sleeps) while movie is playing. I've only noticed this on Dante's Peak (DTS), but it happened quite a bit. I thought the score would be enought to keep the subwoofer on, but I guess not.

    Anyhow, any help is much appreciated it.
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    I listen to music and movies around 25 to 10db. It starts to get pretty loud at around 15db.

    The subwoofer channel is set pretty low at -9db, it's because you have the gain on your subwoofer too high. Lower the gain on your subwoofer a little bit and rerun MCACC so that subwoofer channel is set closer to 0db. Some people like to run their subwoofer hot and add a +1 to 3db more to the channel.

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