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Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by morganRandom, Dec 18, 2005.

  1. morganRandom

    morganRandom Auditioning

    Dec 11, 2005
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    I just recently purchased the DENON 3806 with HDMI switching and upconverting. I had a few questions as I am fairly new to this whole GAME!!! First Question is What does multizone do and why would someone want it when you still need a AMP in the other rooms to power the audio for the speakers???? I knwo one zone can be powered directly out but what gives other than to keep everythign in one place??? Seem like alot of headache to run new wires trhought a house.

    Second Question: I have a computer upstairs and a wireless laptop that I remote into my desktop machine upstairs. My house has been pre wired with speaker wire in all rooms. Is there a way to use the speaker wire from my home office to connect the speaker wire and convert to a headphone out jack so I can plug in the back of my sound card on my PC and use RCA left and right jacks to plug into my reciver downstairs. The main reason for this is that I have so much music I would rather remote in wireless through my laptop to my PC than have a dinky media center box that only shows me some of my mp3's at a time and not as much as my 1600x1200 resolution. I was also wondering if I could get some good quality if someone makes this or not, but a wireless device that plugs into my PC and has a reciver end by my reciver downstairs that will convert signal through optical wireless without loosing quality??? Can I make either one of these thigns work???

    I was goign to get a xbox 360 throw on media center and hook up to my home network, but I love winamp and shoutcast and all my MP'3... and I dont want to have another PC int he house by my reciever... Is there a simple way to do this??

    Thirdly What is a good remote to control macros, dvd players, tivo SAT, and home lighting. I would really liek to have a dimming of light setting. Thanks for all the help. I love this place for info [​IMG]
  2. John S

    John S Producer

    Nov 4, 2003
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    Multi-zone in limited at best in Home Theater AVR's, but something a fair amount of people use I suppose. Even with needing an external amplification it is decent, especially for those that have large CD/MP3 Jukes and want access to that music in other locations in the house, where pulling out the disc and moving it is not what you purchased a large Juke for.

    You can't use speaker wire for head phone or line level connections, No shield and long distances do not mix well at all.

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