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    Just purchased new system. RCA 52" Projection TV, Pioneer surround sound DVD Player. We have an older Echostar Dish Sat System and older JC Penny VCR. We have the Satellite and VCR hooked up to TV via the Cable In spot with a splitter box. Thats how it was set up on old TV and it worked fine. We set up the DVD Player with the Video In cable that came with it to the TV Video In spot. We received a Universal Remote with the TV. Its a RCA Gemstar with Guide Plus. We have tried to set up the guide plus system but keep getting a message that it failed. Also we can get the PIP screen but it will only display the channel we are currently watching. How can we get the guide plus to work with our Satellite and how can we get the PIP to show a different channel. We do not have cable or a cable box, could this be causing our problems?

    The other problem we are having is that we have to turn the receiver on with its remote to get sound when the TV is turned on. DVD's the sound comes thru ok. How can we get it to come on automatically when we turn on the Satellite?

    Thanks for any help you can give me. We are so new at this stuff and the directions in the book that came with the TV just seems to confuse the issue even more.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    In order for the PIP to work and show different channels, each tuner will need a signal. How many cable/satellite/ant inputs do you have on your TV? Also what is your TV model #? That should help us figure out your problem.

    For example my TV with two RF inputs labeled Ant 1 and Ant 2. I split my cable signal with a splitter and connect each Ant input. Some TV's split the signal internally, if thats the case with your model I don't understand why it's not working.

    Also, I don't think you can split a satellite signal with a splitter. Maybe some other members can clarify that.
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    If your set has a two tuner PIP, which I think it does, you should be able to tune both PIP pictures seperately. My Sony does all the splitting internally, so I can tune in any input (DVD, VCR etc.) on the second channel.
    I'm a little confused on your split of VCR and Sat. box. Are you using an A-B switch to run both VCR and Sat box to the TV (in which case you could only watch tapes from the VCR)? I don't understand why you are running both to the Cable inputs. If I am looking at the correct model of TV (P52939?) you have two A/V inputs as well as one S-video and one component input. If your DVD has component outputs, you can run the DVD to the component inputs, the VCR to the Video In and the Sat box to the Cable inputs of the TV. If it doesn't, why not use one A/V input for the DVD and one for the VCR? You can also use the S-video input on the TV for the DVD, if it has an S-video out.
    As far as Guide Plus. Do you have the "G-Link" cable connected and placed properly in front of the sensor for your Sat. box? I'm looking at a copy of your manual and it looks like you need to go to channel 2 on your Sat. box to identify your brand of Sat. box (which you have obviously done, since you get the error message). But, the more I look at it, I'm not sure if Guide Plus works with Satellite boxes or just cable boxes, I don't know why it wouldn't, but if your brand isn't listed, I guess it won't work.
    Sorry I couldn't give you some ideas on your volumn problem, but I'm a little confused there also. If you tell us where you have your audio connections going, maybe someone can assist you.
    Hope these ideas help.

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