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Discussion in 'Computers' started by Brian Perry, Jan 12, 2005.

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    I am really frustrated with my Internet connection (Comcast cable modem) and/or computer (Dell Dimension 8200, XP). Basically, over the past several days, my connection speed has ground almost to a halt. It has never been lightning fast, but now when I check my speed at, I get ridiculous results -- 72 kbps upload, 200 download (basically no better than dial up). I've tried everything I know of, which I admit is not a lot:

    * Disconnected my dlink router and ran the cable right from the modem into the computer
    * Cleared out all temp files on Internet Explorer
    * Tried downloading Mozilla Firefox -- just as slow
    * Scanned the computer for viruses
    * And of course, the usual powering off/on, resetting modem, etc.

    I will eventually call Comcast to complain about my connection and have a tech guy come out, but I was wondering if anyone has any tests they could recommend or things to check. Could it be the modem? I'm using the one supplied by Comcast (looks like a shark fin). Can anyone else using Comcast give me an idea of what speed they are able to obtain on (Via "Tests and Tools"/"Speed Tests".) I've never gotten above 1200 kbps, even during the middle of the night when it should be much faster. I am envious of the people getting 3 Mbps! Of course, right now I'd love to get back to 1200.

    Thanks for any ideas.
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    2005-01-13 11:45:51 EST: 3057 / 241
    Your download speed : 3130778 bps, or 3057 kbps.
    A 382.1 KB/sec transfer rate.
    Your upload speed : 247096 bps, or 241 kbps.

    Sometimes higher, very rarely under 2900 / 230.

    I'd call Comcast and see if the modem could be swapped. Or have your line checked. Could you have a friend stop by with his modem & laptop and check his speed with the different setup?
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    I would try moving the cable modem to a different wall jack, the closer the jack is to the line coming into the house the better, it may be a bad line inside the house.. Or most likely the modem, I know someone who similar symptoms and the only way to fix it was to talk comcast into coming out to replace the modem and test the lines.

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