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Need help with insurance claims on damaged audio equip. (1 Viewer)


Sep 21, 2007
Real Name
Paul F.
Hi all,
I have been seeking out the second opinion of someone who is knowledgeable regarding surge and spike damage, regarding a dispute that has arisen between myself and a company that manufactures Uninterruptible Power Supply units and surge protectors: Tripp Lite.
The story goes as so:
A Tripp Lite Manufactured UPS/surge protector unit I had purchased for the sole reason of protecting my connected equipment failed to protect a $350 set of computer speakers/receiver+subwoofer from a power surge in my neighborhood, Mid-last month. The woofer/receiver were shorted out while under the protection of the "tripp lite lifetime connected equipment guarantee." I filed a claim with them and they had me send back the original ups. I followed all the claim requirements and provided all information accurately, promptly, and they proceeded to send me a letter, denying my claim for no reason other than they "could not find any evidence of surge or spike" inside my original unit. I beleive that this is irrelevant because speakers are far more sensitive than a UPS, and they are responsible for covering these damages. I filed a report with the better business bureau and through the mediation provided by them, tripp lite put forth this proposition:

- ------- - -
lU I W. 35th - Chicago, IL60609
Tel: 773.869_1111 · f ax: 773.869.1329
Better Busines s Bureau of Chicago & Northern Illinois
Attention Nita Virghes
330 N Waba.,b Ave Ste 2006
Chicago , u, 60611 -7621
RE: Case # 94140389: Paul *****
Dear Nita,
I am writing in response to the letter we received from your office dated 9/1 0/2007 regarding the
above mentioned customer . We have evaluated the product and claim form returned to us. We have
determined that an electrical surge or spike does not appear to have passed through the Omni
1000LCD creating the malfunction that has occurred. We found that our unit does operate within its
stated specifications. In other words. our unit functions as it should; it also would have sustained
damage had high electrical current passed through. Based on these findings we must maintain the
denial of this claim.
As we value Mr. **** as a customer we would like to offer him the option to continue with our
appeals process:

He may locate an Independent Electrical Engineer of his choosing, to conduct non-destructive
testing on the Omni 1000 LCD and the damaged equipment. If we are found liable we would pay up
to $200.00 for the testing. Upon confirmation of test results Tripp Lite
will reimburse (pro rate basis) Mr. ***** for his damaged equipment. However if we are not found
liable for the damages, Mr. **** will be liable for the cost of the Independent Electrical Engineer
and his claim will remain denied.
Mr. *****'s second option is to send in his damaged equipment (as stated in the warranty) for an
evaluation by our certified technician. By testing his equipment we will be able to determine if the
damage was caused by surge.
If you have any further questions or concerns regarding this claim, please forward them to
us at the address given above.
Jennifer Pirelli

Since. 1922. Designer fi nd '1~" ufact u rer of electronic: power equipment. --

Are they giving me the run around because they just don't want to pay up?
I don't understand how they can claim no responsibility regarding this... It doesn't make sense.

(sorry for the typos in the letter, it was originally a fax and i couldn't post the image of it, no matter how small i made it, so i had to do OCR recognition on i.)

Can Anyone help me out?
Jul 5, 2001
Real Name
Jeff Schnebelen
I know this doesn’t help but maybe this may offer a little comfort in the fact that you are not alone. I had a very similar experience with "that other company"(apc:). It ended with the same results you have :-( I would like to pose the question, has anyone ever gotten a successful claim from any ups protection policy? Just curious. Best of luck with your claim.

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