Need help with humming noise .

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    I am taking advantage of our cable operator's promotion of digital cable free for 90 days. I have the video and audio both running from the cable box to the receiver. The problem I am running into is a humming noise in the audio connection. This does not occur when using my other equipment. I have played with the connections but still get the noise. I know from past experiences when this occurred while listening to my turntable that the ground connection came loose. Any help would be appreciated!
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    The quick response here is to determine if there is a ground loop introduced into your system by using a cabletv coax feed that (1) Is a brand new run from the street and improperly grounded and/or (2)modification/replacement of existing cabletv coax changed something and gives you a HUMM where there was none before. : Perhaps you have an existing catv cable that was working fine and for digital all you did was get the converter box without a technician having to come out. If this is the case, well, something had to change to introduce that HUMM.

    A ground loop can pop up where there are slightly different electrical potentials between the AV system and the cabletv.
    Ideally, the cabletv coax will have a ground atached that can tie in (bond) with the household electrical ground outside the mainservice panel.

    Try this: First disconnect the CATV cable in the house where it comes out of the wall or goes into the cable converter box. Does the hum go away?

    If this is the case, come back for more suggestions. These are some options, if we're on the same page here:

    * Call the cabletv company and ask for the installer to return and install a bonding ground as above.
    * Buy a ground loop interrupter $5 to $15 (Radio Shack) to ~$100 (the Mondail device)to place into the feed before it reaches the converter box.
    * Run the incoming cabletv feed thru a surge protector box that has dedicated F-terminal pass-thru for cabletv/ANT to see if this helps ground the coax better. This is a good idea anyway for surge protection of all cables going to the AV system.

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