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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by JPunisher, Nov 24, 2011.

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    First let me explain my situation. I am planning to build a media room in the next 1-2 years but I would like a very inexpensive setup for my living room in the mean time. The more money that I put into the living room means the less I can spend on the media room. The room is about 16 X16 and very open. The dinning area and kitchen are shared by this room which really gives me only 2 walls to work with (this eliminates the idea of using a sound bar that produces virtual surround). My TV is above my fireplace and would prefer that the front speaker setup be small bookshelf speakers placed on the mantle and the rears need to be tall or on a pedestal as I have nowhere to mount rear speakers. My budget is about $800. At first I started looking at sound bars but anything under $1000 sounds like crap. Because of my budget limitations the best thing I could find within that price point was the Bose CineMate II $599. It is a 2.1 speaker setup with just left and right component or optical cable connection. It sounds great for what it is but I really think it is expensive for what it is. I know that I am asking a lot with this budget but I am really looking to see if I can get anything better for the money. Can anyone suggest something better within that budget or is the bose system the way to go? The setup does not have to be 5.1 but I would prefer it to be. Thanks, JPunisher
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    Something went amiss in the thread you posted in the General section :huh: Bose HT products aren't very highly thought of around these types of forums for the reason you mentioned. Way over-priced for what you get. The weak point in Onkyo receiver speaker packages are the speakers and sub. With the rear speakers causing a placement problem you might want to consider a 3.1 system. Infinity Primus bookshelves and center speaker along with a $250-$300 receiver like the Denon 1612 and a BIC F-12 sub would just about fill your budget and sound pretty good too. Or, that same receiver (or Onkyo 509, H/K 1600, Pioneer 821, etc) and a nice little speaker/sub package like the Energy 5.1 Take Classic ($399) or Boston Acoustics CS2300 ($199!) also has Polk Monitor series speaker at real good prices. You can get a pair of Monitor 40's and a CS1 center for $210 or go smaller with the Monitor 30's and CS1 for only $140. Then add some surrounds if you feel the need. If you want a smaller profile receiver look at the Marantz 1402/1602. BTW, caries Marantz, Denon and Onkyo factory refurbs. Can save a little money that way.

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