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Need Help with HT layout in Large Fireplace-centric LR (1 Viewer)


Aug 11, 2008
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I recently moved into a new house and brought all of my old equipment with me. I've been holding off on upgrading until we moved because I didn't know what size or shape room I would be putting my HT in. Well, now we have the new house, I am completely flummoxed with how to set up a viewing area. The living room is large, ~22x25' and very fireplace centric, and of course has a ton of windows. Good thing I waited on upgrading, because the room completely eats my existing equipment, thus requiring (justifying?) a full upgrade. (New pre/pro, speakers, monitor etc. My 7x125W amp might survive)

(Furniture is from the previous owners, and thankfully took it all with them)

My original plan was to mount a monitor above the fireplace with a pull-down mount, similar to MantelMount. I think the floating mantel is too high and sticks out to far for that to be a livable solution, and with that setup there's no real place for a center channel speaker, so I rotated the furniture 90* and temporarily hung my TV where the ugly rooster used to be.

There's just under 4' between the doors, and my 55" TV is a scooch too big, slightly covering the casement molding, and looking a bit out of place. Also, with the distance from the screen, the display appears small and underwhelming.

Has anyone tackled a room like this before? I had a full 7.1 setup in my old house and would like to at minimum recreate that, possibly add Atmos ceiling speakers.

Here's a floor plan showing how furniture is currently arranged.

I'd like to begin pulling wires, but I need some help with where to place equipment. I don't want to go through the effort of pulling cables without a plan, nothing worse that putting a cable in the wrong spot, or forgetting to pull a type of cable.

Also, we do use the fireplace, so I can't block/remove it.


Big room, fireplace in the middle, don't know how to set up equipment. Help!
Aug 10, 2011
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Jason Carney
Yikes. Unless you are blocking a window I cant see a good spot. Best bet is kitty corner like the previous owner had their TV. Then just make a rectangle out from the corner with speakers. I would front face 2 subs next to your TV and L/C/R. Wall mounted book shelves for the surrounds. I would suggest in wall surrounds but your on an exterior wall so that's a no go for me.
Aug 10, 2011
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Jason Carney
You could go above the fire place with your TV but personally I dislike that look. It could be the best way to line up your speakers though.


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Jan 24, 2010
East Tennessee
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My though would be, you bought it, you own it. Time to think outside the box. First, I'd think about what you want to use the area for. In my book, I'd use the area for a living room, and since this is a home theater forum, also use it as a theater.

I haven't seen too many theaters with a fire place. I think it would be a great idea. Since the area, in my mind would be used as a living room as well, I'd consider a drop down projection screen, powered or manual. Mount it on a wall (or low on the ceiling) perpendicular to the fireplace. That would provide a throw length for a projector, which would provide a pretty good size screen. Light control with a projector would be a consideration, but projectors nowadays throw a good amount of light, and the area does not require complete darkness. There are tracked pull down shades that block light completely that would probably need to be used behind the screen. The other windows could have the light decreased considerably by something that is dark, can be dropped down, and pulled up and is fairly non obtrusive when not in use. We have light accordion drop down shades in our great room that work fairly well. Dark ones would be even better for your space.

With a vaulted ceiling, you may need a couple of good sized subwoofers and enough power to drive speakers for the space. How much sound carries into and out of the area to the rest of the house may also be a consideration.

Personally, I'd get a good hearth rug, fireplace utensils, and have at least a face cord of wood properly aged by the time it starts to get cold. Add comfortable furniture that a couple can partially recline on not to far from the fire, and make sure the kids have some nights elsewhere with friends to derive the full benefit of a setup like that.

Just my ideas.

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