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Need help with Front firing subwoofer (1 Viewer)

Nick L

Second Unit
Nov 14, 2001
Hello. I am going to be building a sealed front firing subwoofer for my apartment and need some help the design. I am wanting to use a 10" driver, but am having trouble coming up with a good one? Can you recommend one? Also, can anyone help me with dimensions? I will be using a parts express subwoofer plate amp to power it(link here). And just for your knowledge I have Boston Accoustics VR-M50's that I'm pairing it up with for music(link here). I'm trying to put together a dual purpose sub. One that won't sound to bad for music and that can still get down for movies. The reason I am going with a front firing is so the neighbors downstairs don't complain.
Thanks for any input.
Nick L


ACI's SV-10

$99 each on closeout. One hell of a woofer!

drop it in a 1-1.5ft^3 box and you are good to go!

Brian Bunge

Senior HTF Member
Sep 11, 2000
I was also going to recommend the SV-10. I built a sub for a friend/customer and she seems really happy with it. Unfortunately, she only likes to crank it when her neighbors aren't home and she can't seem to get them to leave lately!

BTW, I have someone interested in two dual 10" sub enclosures (yes, two enclosures with two drivers in each) along with some MTM monitors for a 2-channel system. I ran some sims of the SV-10, Parts Express Titanic 10" MKII, and the Blueprint 1001. While the Blueprint and Titanic drivers are more efficient and have more output from around 50Hz up, the SV-10 had a lower F3 (mid 30's vs. mid-high 40's) and good 2-3dB more output at 20Hz.


Ron D Core

Stunt Coordinator
Mar 31, 2002
I would also recommend the BPD1001. Why sealed? If you have the software, you should be able to mess with it long enough to come up with a ported box that goes deep while maintaining an acceptable group delay. A woofer with a light cone should help. I like the Hi-Vi F-series. Or the Axon 10 and 12 from Zalytron.

Daniel T

Stunt Coordinator
Jan 26, 2002
Try this web site: http://www.danbbs.dk/~ko/ubmodel.htm. I haven't built my own DIY yet, but I have messed around with several software to model a sub and this is one of the easiest to use. I have used Lpscad and Unibox and to me Unibox was a little easier. Also, the results for design were very close for both. Also, unibox is good if you know all T/S parameters. Hope this helps.
Daniel T

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