Need help w/ IBM Thinkpad 760EL internet connection troubles..

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    Hey all,

    I just bought a used one of these from a friend so my wife could surf and do some other stuff w/o using the PC upstairs.

    It seems to be working fine and today he gave me the modem card to connect to my local analog ISP.

    However, when I set up the connection etc and tried to connect, it gave me an "Error 692...Hardware error" message. Part of the message says to check to make sure modem is plugged in or turned on etc.

    The modem shows up in the device manager, but after some digging, I found another message about my Com Port 3 being "Disabled: Error 29". Said something about my BIOS setting may have disabled it?? (Note: I have it plugged into the top slot)

    My friend who owned it used it with his home DSL and our computer network where we both work, so I'm wondering if some setting need to be changed to tell it to just dial out on a regular house phone line??

    As you can tell I'm clueless about laptops, having never owned or used one.

    If anyone can steer me in the right direction, I'd greatly appreciate will my wife who is very anxious to use it to sell stuff on Ebay [​IMG]

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    The modem is probably set to use Comm can verify this by looking at the modem properties in device manager.
    If it is, it's just a matter of enabling Comm 3 again.

    If you look in device manager under 'Ports', is Comm 3 listed? If it has a red X in front of it, you should be able to just right-click on it and choose 'Enable' from the menu.
    After doing that, check the properties of it and make sure it isn't conflicting with anything else.

    If Comm 3 isn't listed in device manager, then it's probably disabled in the BIOS, so you'll have to get in there and find your Comm settings and enable it again.
    Not knowing what BIOS you have, I can't give you any detailed instructions on how to find your Comm settings, but they should be relatively easy to find. After you enable it, make sure to 'Save settings and exit' the BIOS.
    If you're not comfortable messing around in the BIOS, you might want to let someone else who's familiar with it to do can cause big trouble if you get some settings wrong in there.

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