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Need help w/hooking up RT1000i powered speakers (1 Viewer)

Charles M

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Jun 7, 2001

What is the right connections to make when hooking up these speakers? The owners manual is little confusion to me. It reads, take a single RCA type cable and run it from the front right or left preouts from the receiver into the speakers inputs or from the receiver into one speakers input then, from that same speaker go from the output to the other speakers input. This seems to be a little easier said then done. My question is, can I use a subwoofer cable or a single coaxial cable. I've went to BB to find a single RCA cable but couldn't not find one. They had two different types of coaxial cable, one said it was for DVD players etc...and, one was a regular coaxial cable. I know I shouldn't be using the first one I mentioned. Am I even close?

Right now I have them hooked up with just running the regular speaker lines and them plugged in. They sound a bit muddy to me then what they sounded like in the store before I brought them. The store now has the RT100i's and they're just plugged in. I told the sales guy I had purchased them before the new ones came and how do I do it. Well, I knew what was coming next! He took a look in the back of the speaker to try to get a quick reference(he knew he was going to try to bullshit me because, he didn't know anyways). I didn't understand what he was talking about, it was kind of funny at first. But why waste the energy. Will it make a diiference in sound. I feel it will because of the inputs provided and the manual has the hook up options.

I'm going to call POLK audio tomorrow, they were heplfull when I called about mounting my R/X500i. What suggestions do you guys have. There has to be members here with the same speakers. Thanks


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