Need help understanding "zone 2 or zone b" on a 7.2 receiver.

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    I have heard too many mixed messages from BB...I need some help understanding zone b with a 7.2 receiver.
    Someone told me you could only have 5.1 or 5.2 set up in your main room and channels 6 & 7 were for zone b.
    I had someone else explain you could have 7.1 or 7.2 set up in your main room with 2 more speakers set up under zone b.
    Do I need a separate source for zone b such as a cd player, and why?
    Will I be able to have music in the house and on the pack patio at the same time, same music?
    Your expertise is much appreciated in understanding this topic, thank you.
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    Depends on the AVR...but...
    Zone B is the "same thing" playing as Zone A...even at the same volume.
    Zone 2 is independent source and volume.
    Advantage to Zone B is it has access to all inputs, which is the disadvantage to Zone 2. As Zone 2 is analog only...except for a select few(and expensive) Denon. (Airplay models of Pioneer, Denon etc muddle that)

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