Need Help: Toshiba 7990 vs. 6980 (& 3990 issue)


Dec 13, 2006
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I was sent a SD-3990 from Toshiba to replace my old 2180 as part of some class-action suit from a couple years back and I ended up going through three of them, all having the same problem. Whenever I'd view a dvd *not* enhanced for widescreen tvs (so standard 4x3 -- usually cartoons like Teen Titans or JL or old tv shows like Moonlighting), the image would go from sharp to blurry back and forth throughout. I tried three different 3990s, and had the same problem with each (via componant, composite, and S-Video).

I only have a regular old Toshiba Cinema Series standard picture tube 25" television.

I also have a Philips 642 player, and do *not* have this issue on that player with the same discs.

Any thoughts as to what could be causing this?


Because of this, and because they sent me the wrong player THREE TIMES IN A ROW (gah!), Toshiba letting me have either a 7990 or a 6980. I'm not sure which is better in general or which is better for me and my standard set-up specifically (regular TV, no stereo hook-up, etc.). I'll just be hooking up componant or composite to that.

The 6980 has SA-CD playback (though I don't think I'd ever use it). Both play DivX, but the 7990 manual says it ONLY plays DivX files (i.e. not XviD -- though when I asked about that, the rep said it may still play XviD, they just don't guarantee it plays everything, so I don't know for sure). The 6980 says it plays DivX and XviD.

However, the 6980 has a Video D/A of 10-bit/54MHz -- this seems really low compared to other players. The 7990 has 14-bit/108MHz like the 3990. What is this exactly? And what effect does it have on picture quality in general, as well as specifically for how I'll be using it? And could this somehow be the source of the problem with the 3990 and my tv that I was having? Or is it totally unrelated? (My Philips 642 is only 10bit, I believe. My old Toshiba 2180 I sent back was 12bit.)

I guess the most important thing for me is the picture quality on my TV... though other features could help decide if they're going to give me the same exact picture.

So which is better? And which is better for me? (Fortunately, they said that if I don't like the 7990, I can send it back for the 6980, and if I then decide I liked the 7990 better, I can send that back and get the 7990 again.)

Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

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