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May 8, 2001
I was planning on buying the Denon 3801 from a local store, but they ran out of these units. I will probably wait for the 3802 model if the price is right.
Other models I’m looking at are the Integra 6.2 and the HK AVR310.
So since I still have some time to think about it. (Room for HT not done yet)
Here it goes….
I’m all confused. My wife likes the look of In-wall speakers.
I myself like the floor standing speakers, but don’t mind the In-walls as long as they sound good.
Due to my room’s layout, I need to put In-walls/Ceiling as my rear speakers.
The Speakers that I’m looking at are:
Paradigm Legend – Mains – or Monitor 90P’s (Still trying to convince my wife that a separate sub is better. Like the SVS 20-39PC...)
Paradigm CC370 – Center
Paradigm CS-160 In-wall – Rears
SpeakerCraft 8.1 MT In-wall – Mains and Center
SpeakerCraft AIM One In-wall – Rears
* SVS 20-39PC sub might be IN with this combination* He he..
I like the fact that the SpeakerCrafts you can turn the drivers towards you main seating area. Specially the AIMs. I’m not sure if Paradigm In-walls have this ability.
Here’re the questions.
1) Should I use Paradigm as my mains & center and the SpeakerCraft AIM as the rears?
2) Should I be mixing two different speakers types?
3) Will it make a big difference since it’s the rear speakers?
4) What are your recommendations?
Any comments and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Kevin Peak

Jun 14, 2001
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I think you'll find that matching the speakers of the surrounds to the rest of the system isn't as essential as matching the center to the mains. Eventhough, as you've already alluded too, matching all the tweeters in all the speakers (ie same brand) is optimal.
Also, when i was selecting my speakers i auditioned many floorstanders, and i found that i was impressed with the 'power tower' speakers with the subs in them, but still preffered the separate sub anyhow. Maybe it's just placebo...


Feb 11, 2001
I had to put in-ceiling speakers as well. I have Paradigm Studio speakers and after many questions (and answers) on these boards I purchased the Paradigm in-ceiling speakers. BTW they do NOT have pivoting tweeters (at least the model I got)
Some made very good arguments for matching speakers, so I went for that. I have`nt tried them yet, my system is in storage. but I have the 2 speakers hooked up to a "boom box" and they sound pretty good.
Depending if you have a big area for the listening/viewing position. I think that would more determine if you want the rotating tweeters or have you looked into multi-pole speakers? Good Luck

Marty M

Senior HTF Member
Dec 6, 1998
To match the center CC-370, you should go with the 90's. The center match for the Legends would be the CC-170. If you can convince your wife, I recommend the Monitor 7's paired with the CC-370 and the PW-2200 sub. Maybe you could place the sub behind a couch or chair or place an artwork on top so it looks like an end table.
Good luck! Wife acceptance must always factor in purchasing decisions.

Ted Lee

Senior HTF Member
May 8, 2001
this is a tough-call...
from a performance standpoint, i don't think the in-walls are as good. i think in an ideal world, you'd be better off getting paradigm rear speakers - with dts & dd, there's a lot of information going to those channels.
but, WAF is always important, and you'll probably bend, because those darn women always end up gettin' what they want. :)
taking that into consideration, i think you'll be fine using the paradigms for the front and the speaker-crafts for the rear.
oh well...what's more important? restful sleepful nights next to your loved one or good discrete sound from your rear speakers?

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