Need help sharing files over an XP/98 wireless network

Discussion in 'Computers' started by Greg_S_H, Mar 5, 2005.

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    I've got an old 98 box that has long had some files I would like to have, but I have never had success with a direct cable transfer. I recently got a Linksys wireless router, so I figured I'd set up a little network and finally get those files. "Wireless" is actually meaningless for this discussion, since I am using ethernet cables for each box, and I seem to have that set up correctly--both boxes have internet access right now.

    The problem is, I can see the XP machine from the 98 box, but I can't see the 98 box from the XP machine. In fact, I set up a shared folder on the XP machine just for test purpose, and I was able to grab files from it on the 98. I want to be able to do that on the XP, but when I go to Entire Network, the 98 isn't listed. The workgroup names are the same, the computer names are different, which I believe is okay.

    I really don't even know what to do, as the router didn't come with any helpful instructions for setting up a network, and Windows help isn't that helpful. I see a Files and Settings Transfer wizard, but I figure I don't need that if I have a true network. In any case, I have a little trouble there, as it wants me to run the XP CD in both computers. I don't have an XP CD, as it came preloaded. Also, this new computer doesn't have a floppy drive to make a disk. I could burn one, I guess, but I'm thinking this is all barking up the wrong tree anyway. I just want the XP box to be able to see the 98!

    Any help?
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    On the 98 machine, I would check your network properties and make sure you have netbios installed. This will make the 98 machine start to broadcast its name.

    Also make sure you file and print sharing installed and in its properties make sure both items are selected.

    Then make sure that you have full control shares created on the directories you need to extract data.

    Does the 98 machine log in with a user name and password? If so, you make have to add that user to the xp machine and assign them to the shares you create...

    Good Luck!
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    Here's a good page for setting up shares between different Windows OS flavors.

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