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Need help setting up Mits RPTV as HTPC monitor. (1 Viewer)

Brian Steeves

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Dec 25, 2000
I am having a problem setting up my Mitsubishi 65413 as the Primary monitor on my HTPC. This is my first HTPC so I am a total newbie at this.

My current HTPC configuration is..

Athlon XP 2600M
Abit NF7-S V2
ATI Radeon 9600SE (both DVI and VGA)
Samsung 160G HD
Maxtor 160G HD
Lite-on 1653 DVD-RW
Sony DVD-Rom
XP Pro
Mitsubishi WS-65413 CRT RPTV

So here's the deal...

I just did a fresh WinXP Pro install using a Samsung LCD monitor as my display connected via DVI. After installing all the available updates and drivers I installed the MYHD card and installed Powerstrip. I hooked up the Mits via the VGA loop through with the MYHD card.

I booted up and went right into powerstrip to set up the custom timings for the Mits. I also set up the MYHD parameters. First of all the MYHD output for HD works perfectly when in HD mode. However if I turned it off the Mits screen would go black. I figured out that I needed to setup the Mits as another display via the display menu and or the Catalyst settings.

I was able to finally get a desktop on the Mits with the toolbar and icons by making it the Primary display and not "extending" it to the other display. Of course
I still has the Smasung hooked up at this time but after I changed the settings and had the desktop on the Mits I decided to reboot to make sure the Mits would be the Primary display...it didn't work? When I rebooted it set the Samsung again as the Primary display and I had to go through all the settings once again to get the desktop on the Mits. I then went into the Device Mangaer and uninstalled the Samsung thinking that when I rebooted the Mits would be the only display it saw and make it the Primary...it didn't! I got a distorted POST screen and the Windows splash screen and then it went black..

I guess what I'm trying to figure out it how to make the Mitsubishi the Primary desktop display and not have the Samsung connected at all. I want to be able to boot up the HTPC and have a usable desktop on the Mitsubishi screen right off the bat.

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