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    Just wondering if anyone can help with a couple of questions I have regarding S-VHS VCRs. I've recently purchased the Mitsubishi HSU776, but since I've heard rave reviews of some JVC models, I'm wondering if I should take the Mitsu back. Anyone have any opinions?
    Also, I had some S-VHS questions in general, since I'm a bit unfamiliar with these terms. What is the benefit of the flying erase head, and what does it do? What is the difference between the standard digital comb filter and a "3-D" digital comb filter - is the difference great? Finally, what does "time base correction (TBC)" mean?
    Thanks for the assistance!
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    I can't help you with the technical stuff, but:
    I had a JVC S-VHS VCR (4500?) and it worked great: for about 6 months, then tracking problems. I sent it to the factory service center 3 times before giving up in disgust.
    Then I bought a Mitsu S-VHS VCR (can't remember the model right now) and it has been perfect so far (1 year +). I'll take reliablity over bells and whistles any day.
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    The flying erase head is for clean edit points on recordings. Any unit equiped with TBC (time-base-corection) will create crisper edges in the images. Mitsu's top unit last year had TBC. I forgot the model #. A 3-D comb filter is a motion adaptive filter. It should be better than a lesser digital comb filter.
    If you look inside a Mitsu VCR it has the same deluxe plastic transport parts as JVC uses. The same thing could be said about all the brands! I wouldn't say any brand has much more build quality than another. Durability and reliability are not hallmarks of the VHS format.
    That being said, I'd say the Mitsu and JVC S-decks are the best ones going, feature-wise. The JVC 9xxx models are a cut above the rest, performance-wise. Durability and reliability are a crap shoot with all VHS decks. Best wishes!
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