Need Help Quick - RPTV Broke

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Robert McLay, Mar 16, 2004.

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    Hey gang,

    My fiance and I are in the middle of moving, and I turned on the big screen today one last time and it looks like the tubes have blown. I was wondering how much it will cost to fix it: will it be a few hundred dollars, or will it be rediculous and I should just get a new one. It is an older Mitsubishi RPTV, given to us, so I am not sure of how old - possibly 12+ years. Up until today it has always given us a gorgeous picture.

    I guess one of the real reasons that this is a need help quick is because we are moving in three days and I don't want to move it if it isn't worth keeping.

    Thanks All

  2. Allan Jayne

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    Repair versus replace is never ever an easy choice and it is always uncertain guesswork as to whether you will come out ahead financially.

    But you now have two strikes against repair, (1) it's 12 years old and you probably have upgrade-itis, and (2) you would need to move it.

    Video hints:

    IOt is very unlikely all the tubes would go out at the same time in an RPTV. Check if fuses inside have blown, you may have to take off the back cover.

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