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    I currently have a 32" Zenith tv. I have two Philips Tivos (PVRs), and a Toshiba NON progressive DVD player (for now at least though in the future I will upgrade) and I use AT&T broadband cable in my apartment (not a dish).
    So I am looking for tv that will work well with my TiVos (these ones are for cable NOT the Direct Tv models) and my DVD player (and a progressive one in the future)
    I live on the 2nd floor so weight and size are an issue. I don't want to spend more than $3000 if I can help it. But for the right tv I may go higher. I have 48 inches of horizontal space right now, but keep in mind that my TiVos, digital cable boxes, and dvd player have to go there somewhere. Currently every thing is on a metal adjustable industrial rack that is 45 inches of usable space wide. I can buy a different apperatis to put my equipment and / or tv on to use the whole 48 inches though. I want a sharp picture (I know some tvs don't handle cable as nicely as they do dish, so those would need to be out, please tell me too what ones this means) & a dark rich natural colors. I set my blacks to true dark black and my skin tones realistic (the tvs displayed in the stores are always wrong unless the store is new). So I do set stuff right.
    Now if the tv has the ability to do surround sound and switch between 3-4 input devices this would eliminate my need for my 6 year old surround sound receiver, but I can keep this receiver if I need to.
    I dislike scan lines, but am also concerned about a very large screen with progressive scan. As I use cable tv and it doubles the noise. Maybe a medium size tv with progrssive scan is the compromise? I just don't know.
    BTW, I watch tons of tv in 4:3 And old movies that are pre widescreen. So my viewing habits are 35% widescreen 65% 4:3. And I don't want some huge widescreen where my 4:3 viewing is only around the size of a 32-36" screen after the side bars or that squeezes people out of proportion (fat). As for type projection, tube, etc, I don't care as long as it meets my criteria for my apartment listed above. Any help would be
    most kind. Thank you.
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