Need help hooking up my surround sound speakers with receiver please!!!!!!!

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    Ok I'm new to this forum and would like some help hooking up my surround sound speakers to my receiver. Ok I have a brand new set of Genesis G-6.1 surround sound speakers (I got them for $20 brand new in the box so I couldnt pass these up.). I will be upgrading the speakers soon but might as well get some use out of these. I;m having some trouble understanding how to hook up the Subwoofer. The subwoofer has 8 wire plugs in the back for left front, right front, etc. But how do I go about hooking those up? Do I run all the speaker wire from all the speakers to the sub and then connect the sub to the receiver? Or do I just connect all the speakers to the receiver like usual? I've never hooked up a sub woofer like this one before. Please help me out, and if there is any pics of videos u may have please let me know, thanks in advance!
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    Best I can tell this are "White Van Speakers". Prolly not worth hooking up...

    Did you get a manual with them?
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    They definitely are White Van Speakers, and are not worth hooking up. At least you didn't pay much for them. Below is a list of known White Van Speaker brands. Notice that Genesis are in the list..................

    "White Van Speakers List"

    Acoustic Response Series 707
    Acoustic Image 3311 / 3312
    Acoustic Lab Technology
    Acoustic Monitor
    Acoustic 3312 Studio Monitor
    Acoustic Response
    Advanced Sound Technologies AST X2 1055
    Audiofile 583LR
    Audiofile 835LR
    Audiofile THX 6.1
    Audio Tech
    Dahlton KV 1500
    Dahlton KV 2500 TI Speakers
    Dahlton AV5.1 THX
    DanWave DW-6
    DanWave DW-606
    DanWave DW-607
    DanWave DW-608
    Dan Wave DW-1000
    Divinci Sound
    DiVinci Innovative Sound & Bass
    Divinci Sound D6 D-6
    Divinci Sound DV7010 DV-7010
    Divinci Sound DV6030 Dv-6030
    Divinci Sound DV505 DV-505
    Divinci Sound DA6.1 DA-6.1
    Divinci D-52
    Divinci DV-606
    Divinci DV-607
    Divinci DV-608
    Divinci DV-1420
    Divinci DV-1450
    Divinci DV-1412
    Divinci DV-1450
    Divinci DV- 607
    Divinci DV-2150
    Divinci DV-2100
    Denmark Loud Speaker E830LR
    Digital Audio DHT 5.1
    Digital Audio SL-3810
    Digital Audio DA 2000SL / 2000CS
    Digital Audio 2000
    Digital Audio 2002
    Digital Audio 2012 7.1
    Digital Audio Professional Speaker Systems SL-3810
    Digital Audio Skyline 900-SL
    Digital Audio SL-3910 Speakers
    Digital Audio 2003 DA 5.1 Pro-Series III
    Digital Dogg Audio
    Digital Pro Audio
    Digital Pro Audio SL-T 2.8
    Digital Research 5.1 Pro Series
    Digital Research DA 5.1 Pro Series III
    Digital Research DR-1000
    Digital Research DR-2810
    Digital Research DR-1610
    Digital Research DR-1611
    Dogg Digital
    Epiphany Audio speakers
    Elite Audio
    Elite Audio EA-505
    Elite Audio EA-608
    Elite Audio EA-1620
    Elite Audio EA-7012
    Epic 800 Home Theater System
    Epic Sound 7.1
    Fleetwood Audio
    Genesis Media Labs
    Genesis G6.1 Digital Series
    Genesis G-505
    Genesis G-506
    Genesis G-507
    Genesis G-608
    Genesis G-609
    Genesis G-610
    Genesis G-1420
    Genesis G-1620
    Genesis G-1630
    Genesis G-2815
    Genesis G-2840
    Genesis G-2850
    Genesis G-2870
    Genesis G-2875
    Genesis G-2880
    Genesis G-2885
    Genesis G-2950
    Genesis G-2960
    Genesis G-6030
    Genesis G-6035
    Genesis G-6040
    Genesis G-7012
    Image Audio Concepts IA-905S Gold Series
    Innovative Sound Digital Pro Audio
    Kirsch K3
    Kirsch K10
    Kirsch Prodigy K803
    Linear Phase studio monitors
    Matrix Audio Concepts
    Matrix MX-1300
    Millenium MTS-2006p
    Millenium MTS-2208
    Millenium MTS-2328
    Millenium MTS-2300
    Millenium MTS-2605
    Millenium MTS-3100
    Olin Ross
    Omni Audio
    PSD (2.8)
    PTS PT-5500S
    PTS (Precision Transducer Systems)
    Palermo VA 6.1
    Precision Home Theater
    Pro Audio
    Pro Dynamics Pro Platinium Series
    Pro Dynamics PD-9600
    Proline Acoustic
    Protecsound PT-5000 digital surround sound system speakers
    Samurai 518
    Skyline AD-900SL
    Skyline Digital Denmark 800 or 900 "series"
    Studio Tech (Pro Poly Series)
    Theater Innovations (Ti 5100)
    TI-440MR TI~440MR
    TI-440R TI~440R
    TI-440M TI~440M
    TI-5100 TI~5100
    TI-5150T TI~5150T
    TI~1250 TI-1250
    TI~1255 TI-1255
    TI~1300 TI-1300
    TI~1650 TI-1650
    TI~1655 TI-1655
    TI~6000SD TI-6000SD
    TI~6100 TI-6100
    TI~1750 TI-6200
    Theater Logic
    Theater Logic L5ti
    Theater Logic L6
    Theater Logic L8TI 5.1
    Theater Logic T 2400
    Theater Logic T 2450
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    Theater Research TR-1120
    Theater Research TR-1400
    Theater Research TR-1410 Digital Sound Speakers
    Theater Research TR-2380
    Theater Research TR-2500
    Theater Research TR-2810
    Theater Research TR-5210 Professional Home Theater
    Theater Research TR5160
    Theater Research TR6000
    Theater Research TR-6100 Digital Sound/5.1 Home Cinema
    Theater Research 8810
    Theater Research Pro Series III Professional Home
    Ultra Digital Labs
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    Sheesh, folks, He paid $20 and just wants to hook them up....


    If there are two sets of LEFT connections on the sub then one set is labelled "IN" or "RECEIVER" or something. The other set will be labelled "OUT" or "SPEAKER" or something. What you do is hook the IN connections to the stereo or receiver or whatever, then wire from the OUTs to the speakers. Basically.

    Hope that helps... send us a picture if you can, and maybe we'll be able to sort it out better!
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