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Need help hooking my xbox up to my onkyo 575x. (1 Viewer)

Dennis Ellis

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Jan 2, 2001
I need help with this. First of all I have a inexpensive 36" tv (not hdtv) with s-video. I had a stand alone dvd player hooked up to the 575x but it died last weekend so it's not currently in the picture.
For now the xbox is hooked up to the sound/video on the back of the tv (composite). How can I hook it up to the 575x? DO I just hook it up to the DVD input's that my old dvd player was on? What if I get my dvd player back? Is there somewhere else to hook the audio up to?
If I buy one of the advanced AV packs that has s-video, what kind of extender would I need to get the s-video to the back of the tv while the audio goes to the receiver (2-3 foot)?
If I get the advanced AV pack, what kind of audio connections are available?
ANy help is greatly appreciated.

Scott FP

Nov 12, 2001
I'm new at this too but maybe I can help a little. I have ordered the Xbox and the High Definition pack (both still have not arrived yet).
After asking similar questions here is what I know.
Your receiver should have a selectable source I would think. Maybe CD, TV, VCR, DVD? Depending on your receiver you could take the red and white composite jacks and try using your CD jacks as the input. Take the yellow and go direct to your TV.
Set your receiver to CD when using the Xbox for audio and select your video input to view the Xbox where the yellow jack is located.
I have a Sony Wega and a Marantz receiver. My DVD is hooked up to the only S-Video that I have. But I also have component inputs and I have a optical audio input on the receiver. So my Xbox will hook to component on the TV and digital optical on the receiver.
The HD pack has the component option while the advanced pack has composite. Both have optical audio and I think they both have S-Video but I'm not sure on that one.
Depending on your entertainment system the length of your jacks could vary. My entertaiment book shelf is 6' and some of my equipment is at the top so I always buy the 6' cables.
Hope this gives you at least a little direction until a more informed answer comes along.

Dave Smith

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Dec 29, 2000
I've got the Onkyo 575x as my receiver too.
It's got 5 switchable inputs, which include composite and S-video ports. I have DVD on the DVD input (duh), XBox on Video 1, DirecTV on Video 2, the PS2 on Video 3 and a multi-standard VCR on "Tape". You can hook up the two audio leads and the s-video directly to each input, then run another set of lines from the output on the receiver to the TV.
Doing it this way, you won't need to change the channel on your TV at all, just select the input from the front of the receiver or from the remote.
Dave Smith

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