Need help for preout/external amp hookup for 2nd zone

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    I have a Denon 3802 in my setup and am currently using the surround back speakers instead of multi zone. But, I have patio speakers that I want to use now that spring is coming. As I understand it, the only way for me to use my patio speakers is through the use of external amplification. How do I do this? Do I use rca cables going from my preouts on the 3802? Do I need to use an amplifier, or will a stereo receiver do just as well? I have never used any sort of external amplification so in this regard I'm kind of a newbie!


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    I don't have the Denon, but will try to answer in general terms.

    I would say that you will definetley need axternal amps, as you are using your amps for the back surround option. Any pre-amp signal that you use will need amplification.

    So, you now need to find a pre-amp out that can be set to any source on your reciever.

    My reciever (an older Marantz SR-96) has a 2nd Zone Pre Out. I can choose what source is sent to this pre-out. In point of fact, I am currently using it to feed an analog signal to an outboard DD decoder, but you need not be concerned with that. And if you don't have that feature, the point is moot.

    If your Denon lacks a selectable pre-out (based on your question, it sounds like it might), then you could also use a Tape Out (if you have one). Many recievers allow you to select what is sent to the Tape Out seperately from what what is currently playing.

    Failing all that, you could use the pre-outs you mentioned, but they will likely only provide what is currently on in the main area, and further to that, they would likely just be the L & R signals of what you are listening to. No problem if you are listening to stereo music, but not too helpful if you are watching a movie.

    Good luck and I hope some of this helps.


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