Need help finding R2 version of Olympia

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  1. Enrique B Chamorro

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    Sep 2, 1999
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    I need help finding a source to order the R2 version
    of the 1936 "Olympia".
    I believe it is a German or Dutch DVD.
    See the following review;
    My daughter is doing a report on Riefenstahl
    and it would be very helpful.
    I have an Apex, so PAL R2 is not a problem.
    It is more of a problem knowing which source would
    be the easiest and most helpful in selling it and
    shipping it to the Chicago land area, without it
    costing an arm and a leg.
    Thanks for any help.
  2. Jeff Kleist

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    Dec 4, 1999
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    If it's German, probably the easiest would be
    You can use your existing Amazon account with it
  3. Hendrik

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    Oct 23, 1998
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    0 a hefty 24,95Euros for each DVD, these two movies don't come cheap... is also incomprehensible (to me!) why these films were released separately, instead of as a set ... (...I'm sure the French would have done a much better job, in that respect!...)
    ...transfer is ok, image is just ok, sound is barely ok...
    ...however, and of course!, the historical -and cinematographic- 'value' of the discs is much more than that... which makes it all the more regrettable that no attempt was made to create a 'Special Edition' ... (...I'm sure the French would have done a much better job in that respect, too!...)
    ...on a side note: Ms. Riefenstahl's purely aesthetic approach to filming athletes' seemingly effortless performances (beautiful bodies executing astonishing feats - not a drop of sweat in sight) offer a fascinating contrast to Kon Ichikawa's way of seeing; in the latter's "Tokyo Olympiad" (recently released by Criterion) we are made very aware of how much effort -and sweat- are expended to accomplish such feats...
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