Need help finding a sub for Mirage OMNI speaker setup... please?

Discussion in 'Speakers & Subwoofers' started by Sam_S, Jan 10, 2005.

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    Best sub to accompany Mirage OMNI 5.1 speaker setup?
    I'm sorry to have to post one of these, as I'm sure they get tiring to read- but I've looked and I can't find a similar enough thread to really satisfy me that the advice was relavent to me. Please help me with finding a sub!

    Room size:
    16'-11" x 15'-0"
    11'-9(1/2)" cathedral ceiling

    At the moment, my audio setup consists of:

    Main/Towers: 2 Mirage OMNI-250's
    Bookshelves: 2 Mirage OMNI-50's
    Center Console: 1 Mirage OMNI-CC
    Reciever: Pioneer VSX-1014TX

    I would like a sub to add to this system. It will be used at least 90% of the time for DVD and TV viewing, another 7-8% for Xboxing, and then the very rare 2-3% dip into a solely audio experience on my Denon DVD-2900.

    I don't exactly have a budget. I'd like to keep my cost reasonable when compared to what i've spent on the other audio equipment I have... but I don't need anything that's overkill. Paying more then $800 would require some serious thought for me. I've been looking at everything from the entry level SVS, to the HSU equivolent- but without being able to audition the subs (I have a health problem that restricts me to staying home 99% of the time that i'm not in the hospital), I'm kind of screwed.

    The idea of a DIY is appealing to me... I've been told I can get a monster sub that fits whatever needs I have -perfectly-, if I find the right sub and have the right box built. I have a friend who I think would build the box for me, so labor isn't a problem.

    If I buy a pre-made sub, it needs to be under 27" in at least one direction. I live in an old victorian house, and the doorway is SMALL to get into my den. We can't get a standard sofa into the room, nor can we get many of the chairs we had planned to put in the room, through the door. This may mean that I *have* to do a DIY- and the sub box would be constructed to live its entire life in this room.

    Any thoughts are welcome... please help a guy out! The room has a wooden floor, we have no plans to carpet it beyond possibly a small throw rug.

    I also need help with speaker placement in the room if anyone feels like helping me with that. I can email/post rough blueprints of the room as it exists now, and one possible alternative already reccomeneded to me... just ask and i'd be happy to help you help me!


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    While I will leave it to others to recommend specific subs, I would definitely say your on the right track in looking at both SVS and HSU. For instance, SVS has two box subs, the PB10-ISD($429) and PB12-ISD($599), that fit both your price and size requirements, as well as a small handful of powered cylinder subs. As well, it appears that all of HSU's current box sub offerings fit both requirements. Hsu also has a couple of cylinder subs that fit the bill. Both companies get constant glowing reviews, and I would not hesitate to buy an appropriate sub from either of them, even without a prior audition. One thing not in question, is that both companies make great products. As far as deciding which is the right sub, many members here will be able to offer spot on advice. You can also contact SVS, as they have become famous around these parts for offering honest advice without trying to upsell. I am less familiar with HSU, but I can't imagine that they would not offer similar assistance. Happy hunting!

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