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Nov 8, 2008
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I'm trying to design a sound system for an open air patio. It is a stand alone structure (28'x16'). Here is the layout.

I was thinking about laying out the speakers like this. I'm still not sure if I want to run them in the ceilings or just mount them on the soffit going around the building.

My other option is to run in-ceiling speakers. I just don't know how they will sound for the fronts and center speaker. I have to mount all speakers high because of the layout of the structure. All the speakers will be at least 10 feet high.

Can someone help me design this system? The space will be used to entertain (i.e. football games). I would also like to play music out of the speakers. I could also just run four in-ceiling speakers and run the system in phantom. My other option is to place the center speaker above the tv and try to find a bracket that will direct it down at an angle. I still have no idea where to put the sub though. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Dec 23, 2005

Your design looks good and I personally use speakers mounted on the soffit vs. inwall because you can buy mounts that allow you to "aim" your speakers for the best result where you can't do that with inwalls. There are a number of mounts available that will allow you to mount your center over the TV or even under it if your using a TV stand.

I would also move if possible the rear surrounds somewhere around the area between the bar and the kitchen vs. all the way back where you have them located on your diagram.

As for your sub I would locate it closer to your watching/listening position due to the fact you have an open air setup which is the hardest types of setup to get knock your socks off bass. You might be well served if you could locate it under the bar or as an end table (if it is that big of a sub) by your seating area.

Hope this helps.

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