Need Help - - Denon 2802 or Pioneer VSX-D850S or Pioneer VSX-41 Elite

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    I am looking at these three receivers right now and am unsure which to get. I have heard great things about each of them and have enough to buy only one, unfortunately. I haven't been able to test them out or try them out, so I am looking for some input and opinions.
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    A few things to keep in mind. The Elite 41 is EXACTLY the same as the Pioneer VSX-D811S. They are built on the same assembly line with the same components (other than the gloss black front face and a small LCD screen on the remote) and are functionally the exact same receiver. I would not recommend paying the extra $150 - $200 for the Elite 41 of the 811S. Also, i would recommend the 811S over the 850S since the 850S doesn't have DPLII, NEO:6, DDEX (officially), or support for 7.1 speaker setup.

    However, i would recommend the Denon 2802 over all of the pioneers. I've had the 810S (nearly the same as the 850) and the 811S, and now have a Denon 1803. All of these receivers are in the same class and audible difference are few and far between, but i would recommend the Denon 2802 (or 1803) simply because of better build quality, stronger amp sections, and the fact that the Denon's have a 80Hz crossover setting that the Pioneers lack.

    If you want to do a 7.1 speaker setup, i would recommend the 1803 over the 2802 because the 2802 lacks 2 rear surround jacks. To obtain a 7.1 setup w/ the 2802, you would have to wire the 2 rear surrounds in series.

    If you think you'll be adding external amplification on down the line, go with the 2802 because it has pre-outs for all channels, where the 1803 does not.

    Hope this helps.

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