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    So I recently moved. I have my system all setup but for some reason my VCR won't record any tv signals. I have a Mitsu WS65907 television, B&K AVR307 receiver and a Mitsu SRHD500 hd decoder/satellite receiver. I am pretty sure that I have everything set up correctly but I guess since I can't record I screwed up somewhere or maybe since my satellite receiver is hooked up to my tv via the DTV input which supports 480i/480p/1080i. I am thinking that it should pick it up but when I press record on the VCR all I get is noise. Oh yeah, the VCR is just a plain old Sony non-super video vcr.

    Please help, my wife is pissed at me because all this time she has not been able to record her soaps.

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    Connect the composite (usually yellow) video out jack of your satellite receiver to the video in jack of your VCR. Then select A/V or camera or video instead of a channel on your VCR to record what the satellite receiver is tuned to. You will not be able to record one show while watching another.
    If the sat. receiver has an S-video out but no composite video out, you will need to buy an S-video to composite converter to go between it and the VCR.
    A few sat. receivers won't play to both the VCR and the TV at the same time. If so you will have to select using a switch on or the remote for the sat. rcvr., to do recording, and watch the show in SDTV as it comes in from the VCR.
    If you still watch over the air NTSC broadcasts or regular cable, connect that to the antenna in jack of your VCR. Here you can watch one over the air show while recording another.
    Other video hints:

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