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Need help connecting HK AVR 525 to Video and other questions (1 Viewer)


Nov 29, 2004
I have a HK AVR525 that is connected as follows:
S video from HK to S video in on TV
Audio out from TV L/R to Video 2 Audio In on HK

Coax digital out to Coax digital In on HK

Video Out to Video 1 Input on HK
Video In to Video 1 Output on HK
R/L Audio output to Video 1 Audio Input on HK
R/L Audio Input to Video 1 Audio Out on HK

S Video out to DVD Video In on HK
Digital Optical Out to Optical Dig Audio In on HK

On the analog inputs (TV and VCR) I have them set to Dolby Pro Logic II.
Question: Is this the best setting or would Logic 7 be better (or any of the other choices)

On the digital input of the DVD, I have set to Dolby Digital.
Question: Again, is this the best choice?

When using DVD or VCR, I can hear the sound but not see any picture.
Question: What do I have set up wrong? Do I need to go S video right from the DVD to the TV and bypass the HK? Do I need to run composite cables straight from the VCR to the TV and bypass the HK? If I do both of the above, I will have no direct input from the HK to the TV (TV only has one S Video and one Video in, but no component) and will lose the ability for On Screen directions?

Last question: I have the following speakers
Front: Dahlquist DQM9, 35Hz - 22kHz
Surround: Dahlquist QX6A, 37Hz - 20kHz
Center: Dahlquist QX50C, 55Hz - 20kHz
Sub: Dahlquist PDQ1200, 30Hz - 150Hz
I have my speakers set to Large for the fronts and small everywhere else. I have the crossover set for 80Hz on all speakers. Does this sound right or should I have them set differently?

Thanks very much for any help to this newcomer to home theatre.


Ed Moxley

Senior HTF Member
May 25, 2003
Eastern NC
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The obvious question is...........do you have your tv input set to Video 1 or Video 2, depending on what you're trying to watch?

DVD player should be on Dolby Digital, or Bitstream output. Not PCM.

For tv or vcr, the choice of DPL II or Logic 7 should be made after you listen to both, and see which sounds better to you.

Since you have a subwoofer, try setting your fronts to small also, and see if it sounds any better. If you don't have paperwork telling you where to set the crossovers, and since the speakers vary, experiment with different crossover settings. Again, set them where it sounds right and good to you. You're the one that will be listening to it. With the fronts set to small, along with all the others, all the LFE (bass) signal will go to the sub.

Play around with this stuff. That's part of the fun of it........
Good luck!

John Garcia

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Jun 24, 1999
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Do you have a connection called MONITOR OUT? If so, that is the one you have to use from the receiver to the TV to display all devices. I don't remember, but I don't think that receiver does video upconversion, so it may not work with different connection types. If not, you can get a composite to S-video adapter for the VCR.

Speaker settings sound fine.

As Ed said, for each sound selection, nobody can tell you which is the best, just listen to various ones and decide for yourself.

Allan Jayne

Senior HTF Member
Nov 1, 1998
You need to find the button on your TV remote that selects external video sources as opposed to TV channels. Then you will get the picture from your DVD player or VCR.

If there is only one external selection (video, AV, camera) on your remote, then most likely only one cord (not counting the antenna cord) can be plugged into the back of the TV. It can either be S-video (much better DVD quality, slightly degraded VCR quality, composite to S-video adapter needed for VCR, use only S-video jacks on receiver) or composite (full VCR quality, somewhat degraded DVD quality, no extra parts needed, use only composite jacks on receiver).

Video hints:

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