Need help connecting all my equipment.

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    Ok, I just received the last component (HD STB) to my HT system, and now I need help with cable selection to connect it all. I have a Tosh 57HX81, Panny TU-HDS20 STB, Denon 2802 receiver, Panny RP91 DVD, and Sony SLV-71 VCR. I decided to connect the DVD and STB directly to the TV using component cables and will send the audio to the receiver via digital opitcal cables. But not quite sure how to connect everything else. I know I also have to connect the receiver to the TV using an S-video cable to use the onscreen menu of the receiver; but how do I connect the VCR? Do I connect the STB directly to the VCR using RF or composite video (VCR doesn't have S-video)or the STB to the receiver then to the VCR? Do I connect the VCR to the TV or route it thru the receiver then to the TV? I'm totally confused. [​IMG] Any help would be throughly appreciated.
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    I agree with the direct-connection to the TV for those high-quality sources.

    A lot of people go to Radio Shack and buy that little $20 Composite->SVideo converter plug so they can send SVideo from every source into the receiver, and run 1 SVideo out to the TV.

    You can even run SVideo from the DVD (and the STB?) to the receiver to make the system easy to use for the family. But when YOU sit down, take the extra step and flip to the direct video feed on the TV for the better picture.

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