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Apr 26, 2003
I'm trying to decide what combination of speakers to buy for my living/entertainment room. It is approximately 14 x 14 with a vaulted ceiling that extends up to 18" at the highest side. I have auditioned the Paradigm Studio 100's and the Infinity Alpha 50's. I am also considering the Soliloquy 5.3's and the Energy Veritas 2.3's. I like the Paradigm Home Theater Set of the Studio/100's, the Studio/CC center, and the Studio/ADP's as surrounds. The Soliloquy fronts and matching center is nice but they do not have a bipole/dipole rear speaker. I will use this system for HT 50% of the time and music 50% of the time. I am using a Denon 4800 125 watt receiver. I may upgrade to seperates at a later date but will probably be pretty strapped after the speakers purchase. I will more than likely look to upgrade my TV to plasma before attempting to budget for seperates, so they are atleast 2 years away. Money will tighten up a bit in about 4 months with the arrival of our 1st child. My wife told me I better get the speakers now before the baby gets here or she may change her mind. Light cherry is our prefered finish on as many of the set as possible. Most manufacturers seem to offer wood choice on the fronts but not on centers, surrounds and subs. Soliloquy does have matching wood on their fronts, center and sub. Paradigm on the fronts and sub if I go with a Servo 15. The Energy's can be matched all around. I'm not sure about Infinity. I have a Velodyne CT150 but will probably include a sub in my set. I have considered going outside the line with a SVSub 16-46PC-Plus - (black) but I'm not sure. I have not found a local dealer for Energy or Soliloquy in my area, so auditioning these may require some travel. I find it ironic that Soliloquy is made in Raleigh NC and I'm 1.5 hours away in Greensboro NC and I still can't find a place to audition these speakers.

All suggestions appreciated!!

jason willder

Stunt Coordinator
Feb 26, 2003
The Studio 100s are great. But, I don't think the Denon reciever will do a very good job powering them. While my MCA50 was on backorder I used a HK PA200, I believe is 100wpc. It sounded very dissapointing. I was on the forums whining about my Radio Shack Lineaum speakers sounding better. I was nervous as hell until the Anthem showed up. Then the Paradigms sounded great. My advice, forget the plasma, mortgage the house, get the Studio 100s and a big amp. You won't be sorry,I hope.

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