Need help choosing size distance etc. for a fp

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    ok,i am choosing between a lcd/dlp fp and a rptv.
    as far as size(screen,and rptv box) i am leaning toward fp.
    what i need help with is....
    I want a 8' wide far does the projector need to be from the screen to do that?
    how far should i sit from the screen?i have 16' to work with
    if it is 8' wide,how tall does it need to be?my celings are low at 7' and i have 3' tall speakers so the screen either needs to be a. only 4' tall or b. fit inbetween the speakers.b is probably what i will end up doing.
    8' is just what i think i would like the best.that will be my starting point.i might go bigger or smaller once i actually get the projector.when i do get it,i will just use a white or grey wall as a screen until i figure out what works best.
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    The distance you'll need will depend on the projector and/or the lens you put on it. It will let you input width, height, diagonal, throw distance, whatever...
    I don't recall how far you should sit for that (and it's a matter of personal preference and depends on projector quality anyway). I think I once heard 1.5 times the screen diagonal is a good starting point.

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