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Need help choosing DIY kit for centre & fronts. (1 Viewer)


Jan 10, 2001
I'd like to upgrade my commercial speakers with DIY efforts. I'll be starting with the centre, then the fronts and then eventually the surrounds.
I'd like some advise please regarding which kit to go for.
I've limited DIY knowledge and skills so it has to be a full kit (the only project I've ever done was a Shiva sub, that went well!:))
Unfortunately, here in the UK the DIY choice is small, unless I've been looking in the wrong places.
I was originally looking at Link Removed for LCR duties, but I've read that a MTM on it's side is a poor off axis performer.
So now I'm considering this for the centre and these for fronts and then eventually surrounds.
Now these two kits are basically the same, same enclosure, same mid/bass but different tweeter. Would that be a problem regarding timbre??? The guy at IPL said it wouldn't. :)
I'd really appreciate some input and redirection if necessary.

Brian J Dupuis

Second Unit
Jul 8, 2001
Hi Boris,
I don't have much advice for you, as I'm in precisely the same situation as you regarding which center and main design to use (though I will most likely be building it myself... I'm a sucker for punishment :)). I'm writing to say that your links appear to have an extra '/' character at the end which causes them to fail. Might want to edit them and remove that character.
Good luck in your search!

Jon Hancock

Stunt Coordinator
Mar 18, 1999
Since the two designs use basically the same midwoofer and cabinet, their voicing should be very similar. It's much easier to voice the tweeters to the same tonal balance than to voice different bass/midrange drivers.

Have you ever heard these systems?

You're right about the D'Apollito's not working so well, if laid on their side, particularly with a 4th order network. However, with a low crossover frequency and 3rd oder network, these can work OK. But by low, I mean 1.25 kHz or thereabouts, for 6-7" drivers. That takes special drivers and crossover networks.

On the other hand, do you absolutely have to lay the cabinet down? If you had three of your first choice, all vertical, this would produce very nice sound. But it might necessitate having all the speakers just above the upper plane of the display or just below it. Try to keep them all on the same horizontal plane, or you will lose continuity of the mains and center channel.

Best regards,


Jaehoon Heo

Stunt Coordinator
Oct 7, 2001
Nice to see you, who were interested in Wilmslow products. Though I am living in USA, I prefer speakers from UK, and envied DIY people in UK, actually...:)
I am not sure how good is the Seas tweeter used in IPL front speakers, but Morel one seems better. I am using ProAc Studio 200 which is using quite cheap Seas softdome tweeter and 2 Scanspeak 8542 paper cone woofers. The tweeter in my ProAc is at least okay, maybe good. That Seas tweeter seems better than ones used in my ProAc. So I don't expect big performance difference, and IMO softdomes tend to sound similar. I wouldn't worry about it, unless I(you) are too sensitive to treble timbre.
If you are so worried about it, how about using Gemini for front?
I have a question for you. I am very interested in buying a pair of Wilmslow Prestige for my front. Do you have some customer/reviewer's opinion on it? How is Wilmslow's reputation in UK? Is Wilmslow a good merchant to buy from other country? I am looking forward to your kind reply...:)

Loren Jones

Nov 8, 2001
If you are concerned about timber matching with the IPL acoustics kits why not use the M4 here from IPL acoustics. It uses the MDT 39 which is basicly the same as the MDT 38 but is not in the top mount housing. That system should match very well for timber. Have you heard any IPL acoustics designs? I was looking seriously at using AVC2 center and 4 of the M4's for front LR and surrounds. I am now having doubts because of the low sensitivity and am looking at focal as an alternative (see the HT kits section at www.zalytron.com). Good luck.
Loren Jones


Jan 10, 2001
Thanks for the replies everyone. :)
Jon, no I haven't heard any of these systems so I would be buying these blind/deaf with my fingers crossed:frowning:. I've spoke to a guy via email who's using the IPL centre and he says it's great, but that doesn't really account for anything.
Well you've ruled the D'Apollito's out, thanks, that's what I needed to hear. I've no chance of using the centre vertically unfortunately.
Thanks and congrats on your CLIOwin win.
So the IPL kits are looking favourite (nicer price too :emoji_thumbsup: )
Jaehoon, I believe Wilmslow Audio are very good. They are one of the main audio DIY suppliers in the UK. I personally have had no dealings with them, but I've spoke to other people who have and they've recommended them.
Don't know anything about the Prestige. I've found this site you may be interested in. He's the guy who originally designed the Prestige when he owned 50% of Wilmslow Audio, he's now selling his own kits.
Loren, it was Ivan from IPL himself who recommended the AVR2 to match the AVC2. I was concerned about the different tweeters but Jon has quashed my initial fears.
The low sensitivity worries me a little too. However all the speakers will be set as small on my Denon 3801, I watch movies at about 7-10 dB below reference and my room is small (2000ft3) so I don't think the low sensitivity would be a problem. Or am I way off here???
Thanks again,

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