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    Hi everyone. I am a fresh newbie. Recently moved to SoCal and in the process my Sony 46XBR got destroyed and I have now my check from the insurance to replace it. I have about $1900 or so to work with. I need help on how to find a RPTV that would fit my needs. First off, I will be watching regular ol cable for the most part. So no HDTV for me. I will be sitting about 10' away. I have a DVD but its a Panasonic RV30 which I believe is non-progressive, how would I know? I am not looking to do anything real fancy. Just want to play watch TV, 1-2 DVDs a week, and play PlayStation. I want something between 50-60". Any brands or models anyone suggests? Also what is the diff between 4:3 and 16:9? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    I think that nobody responded to you here becuase you asked a monthful of questions and ones where basic understanding of the systems is reqired. In an very short nutshell, 4:3 TVs are the size or aspect you are acustomed to in normal television viewing. A 16:9 or widescreen TV is one that is optimized for watching widescreen material such as DVDs or HDTV.
    You mentioned that you only watch 1-2 DVDs per week and watch mostly cable. I'd have a look at a Hitachi SBX series 50" TV or the Mits analog set that you can get pretty cheap these days. This is not progressive scan and it is analog set, but for the price and performance you're looking for will do the job well.
    Good luck.
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