Need Help! B&W or Bostons? Other Brands?

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    Hi there!

    I am currently researching on my very first Home Theater Setup and because I’m such a newbie at this I need your advice on which speakers to buy. First of all, I think I will be buying an Onkyo TX- SR600 as my receiver so it will have to go well with that. (I have actually narrowed it down to either the Onkyo or a Denon 1803 but I am favoring the Onkyo because of a slight edge in specs (better DAC and remote) and because it is slightly cheaper where I live. I have read some previous threads comparing these two receivers so if anyone thinks I am making a HUGE mistake here please let me know.)

    I don’t really have a lot of choices with regards to speaker purchases because I live in the Philippines but I am choosing between getting B&W or Boston Acoustics speakers.

    For B&W I can get two pairs of 303’s, the LCR3 center Channel and the asw600 sub. The Boston’s I am looking at are the Micro Reference 9000 package. I have inquired about the newer Boston packages such as the 9000II and the 9500II but they are unavailable here at this time. The cost for either package is roughly the same with the Boston’s being slightly more expensive than the B&W’s. Which package should I go for if my main use for them would be watching DVDs?

    Other brands that I can get here that might fall in the same prices range would be JVC, Kenwood, Mission and Energy but I am unfamiliar with the model numbers and the quality of their products. Should I take a look at any of them in particular, like the JBL’s perhaps?

    Also, should I decide to purchase the B&W’s would it be advisable to “mix and match” speakers from their 600 line with the 300 line? (i.e. upgrading either the fronts and/or the sub with the 602 and the asw600 respectively) Or would matching these speakers create some “instability” in the sound?

    Any comments and suggestions would be very much appreciated.
    Chris Clemente
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    I have the Aperion Audio 6.1 speaker system with the 12" 250 watt sub and couldn't be happier. The great thing about these speakers is they sound so natural and the bass is awesome. The speakers are very easy to listen to and for the $ I couldn't find anything that compared. Aperion has a 30 day return policy but after hearing these in my home they are not going back. The people at Aperion were great to deal with too - I did tons of research and they answered all my questions and couldn't have been nicer. Oh yeah they even send you an owners kit plus my wife really liked the bags the speakers are wrapped in - very classy. Check them out at Bob

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